Sermon 4/25/2021
Courage In The Face Of Opposition
Adel Akl Acts 4:19-20
The healing of the lame man in Acts chapter 3 is a miracle that brings the first wave of opposition against the early church.  As a result, Peter accompanied by John delivered his second sermon calling on the people to repent and return from their wicked ways that their sins may be wiped away. This disturbed the priests and their supporters.  They laid hands on them and put them in jail. Did it stop the church growth?  The church should not worry when its voice is challenged.  The church must never learn to live in peaceful coexistence with evil, for to so live is to die.  Here before us we find the courage of the first church displayed as its members exhibit genuine Christian conviction and courage.

We are reminded of three truths during these surging waves of opposition and hostility against the church: Additional scripture references: Hebrews 11:33-34; Psalm 44:5; Acts 4:21-23

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